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Good Things!

Lots of good things!  Or, rather, lots of the same good things.

The Friends of the Library* gave us money to spend on children's and young adult paperbacks and I got to decide what we needed to buy.  So I spent most of this week compiling a list of all the books I keep going to try to grab from the shelves...only to realize we don't have them.  I am ridiculously happy that we will soon have copies of the Fudge series again, as well as bright new shiny copies of the first and last ten titles in The Magic Tree House series.  Also, that we will soon have copies of the first books in various popular teen series - like TTYL, Uglies, Gallagher Girls, Leviathan, The Last Apprentice, Alanna, The Princess Diaries, and Haddix's latest - that I keep going "what? why? how?" when I realize we don't have them.  If the money stretches far enough, we may also have the first in several series that I think our teens would like but that they don't seem to know about (or the ones that do own their own copies) - The Demon's Lexicon, The Monstrumologist, Rot and Ruin, If I Stay, 13 Little Blue Envelopes...and several more that I can't remember that the moment.

(I also ordered copies of a few modern classics that we don't seem to have - like Holes and My Brother Sam is Dead.)

This has put me in a rather good mood and I cannot wait for them to come in.

*In not so good news, I heard several of the Friends, as their last meeting was breaking up, saying stuff like "If they take God out of it I'm gone! And I'm taking all the stuff I donated with me!"  So, frustratingly, it sounds like my complaint about an explicitly Christian prayer at the start of the meeting was brought up - and dismissed with prejudice.  Which, you know, would be why I think it's inappropriate to begin with - because it suggests that this is the kind of reaction anyone can expect if they make it clear they are not part of the in-group.  GAH 


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